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quinta-feira, 20 de maio de 2010

Johnny Star & Danny Wilson (1974)

A01 - And the angels sing
A02 - Just in time
A03 - The song is you
A04 - Moonglow
A05 - Sleep time gal
A06 - Day by day

B01 - My blue heaven
B02 - Tangerine
B03 - Beyond the blue horizon
B04 - Near you
B05 - Almost like being in love
B06 - Smile


quarta-feira, 19 de maio de 2010

Lafayette (1968)

 A01 - A minha menina
A02 - The legend of Xanadu
A03 - It's nice to be with you
A04 - Giramundo
A05 - Soul limbo
A06 - The music played
B01 - I stand accused
B02 - Bem que lhe disse
B03 - E não vou deixar você tão só
B04 - It's too late
B05 - Tudo mudou
B06 - Never my love


sexta-feira, 14 de maio de 2010

Fire (1978)

01 Deeper In Love
02 C'mon, Let's Do It
03 Its Been So Long
04 Wrap Your Arms Around Me
05 Let's Make It Last
06 Hit The Road Jack
07 I Can't Leave You Alone
08 You Treat Me Good
09 You Don't Know
10 Like A River Flows


Ray Charles Story Volume One,

A01 - The Sun's Gonna Shine
A02 - Losing Hand
A03 - Mess Around
A04 - It should've been me
A05 - Don't You Kno
A06 - Come Back
A07 - I've Got A Woman
A08 - A Fool For You

B01 - This little girl of mine
B02 - Mary Ann
B03 - Halleluja I Love Her So
B04 - Lonely Avenue
B05 - Doodlin
B06 - Sweet Sixteen Bars
B07 - Ain't that Love


Joe Turner (1957)

A01 - Shake rattle and roll
A02 - Flip_flop and fly
A03 - Feeling happy
A04 - Well all right
A05 - The chicken and the hawk
A06 - Boogie woogie country girl
A07 - Honey hush

B01 - Corinne corrina
B02 - Midnight special train
B03 - Hide and seek
B04 - Oke-she-moke-she-pop
B05 - Crawdad Hole
B06 - Sweet sixteen
B07 - Chains of love


Sylvio Mazzuca (1975)

A01- Tequila
A02 - Diana
A03 - Cerveza
A04 - Little darlin
A05 - Tender is the night
A06 - Cha-Hua-Hua

B01 - Patricia
B02 - Only you
B03 - Agostiña de aragon
B04 - Ondas do danubio
B05 - Ay, que merengue
B06 - Mambo whit me


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