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segunda-feira, 13 de setembro de 2010

Chuck Roberson (1988)

A01 - Give me some of that
A02 - Let's stay together
A03 - She put the hoo-doo
A04 - Every time you go away

B01 - Lolly pop man
B02 - I can't take it
B03 - I want to make love tonite
B04 - Let's do it all over


Ndugu & The Chocolate Jam (1980)

A01 - Shadow Dancing
A02 - Come Into My Life Again
A03 - Send You My Love
A04 - Take Some Time

B01 - Give U Love
B02 - Space Connection
B03 - Make U Feel Better
B04 - A Chance With U
B05 - Jungle Journey
B06 - Love A New


Bill Summers (1981)

A01 - We Call It The Box
A02 - Jam The Box
A03 - Dreaming
A04 - Dream Of Love
A05 - At The Concert

B01 - Throw Down
B02 - Go For It
B03 - Give Your Love To Me
B04 - Having Big Fun On Saturday
B05 - Drum Affair


segunda-feira, 6 de setembro de 2010

Billy and Baby Gap (1985)

A01 - Billy and Baby Gap
A02 - Rock Nation
A03 - Cinderella
A04 - Interlude1
A05 - Just for you

B01 - Sex is on my mind
B02 - Friccion, can you fell it
B03 - Reprogrammable
B04 - Interlude2
B05 - Never let you down


Crown Heights Affair (1982)

A01 - I Got Somethin' for Ya
A02 - Wine and Dine You
A03 - Your Love Makes Me Hot
A04 - Let Me Ride

B01 - Somebody Tell Me What to Do
B02 - Love Ripoff
B03 - Heart Upside Down
B04 - Think Positive


Plush (1982)

A01 - Burnin' Love
A02 - We Got The Love
A03 - Free And Easy
A04 - Coast To Coast

B01 - Gonna Get Ya
B02 - Living For Your Love
B03 - Strangers Again
B04 - I Don't Know


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