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sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

Thimmy Thomas (1974)

A01 - I've got to see you tonight
A02 - You're the song
A03 - Sweet Brown sugar
A04 - Deep in you
A05 - Spread us around

B01 - One brief moment
B02 - What can i tell her
B03 - Ebony Affair
B04 - Let me be your eye


Freddy Cole (1978)

A01 - I loved you
A02 -  Hello like before
A03 - Now that i know
A04 - Isn't she lovely
A05 - Here is where

B01 - One more love
B02 - I still wanna be
B03 - That's the way
B04 - I need you so
B05 - Autumn love


The Supremes & The Four Tops (1971)

A01 - You Gotta Have
A02 - I Wonder Where
A03 - Call Me
A04 - One More Bridge
A05 - If You Could See
A06 - I'll Try Not To Cry

B01 - I'm Glad About It
B02 - Let's Make Love Now
B03 - I Can't Believe
B04 - Where Would I Be
B05 - What Do You Have


quinta-feira, 7 de abril de 2011

Carole King (1971)

A01 - I Feel The Earth Move
A02 - So Far Away
A03 - It's Too Late
A04 - Home Again
A05 - Beautiful
A06 - Way Over Yonder

B01 - You've Got A Friend
B02 - Where You Lead
B03 - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
B04 - Smackwater Jack
B05 - Tapestry
B06 - (You Make Me Feel Like)


Sarah Vaughan (1981)

A01 - Get back
A02 - And i love her
A03 - Eleanor Rigby
A04 - Fool on the hill
A05 - You never give me your money
A06 - Come together

B01. I want you
B02. Blackbird
B03. Something
B04. Here there and eveywhere
B05. The long and winding road
B06. Yesterday
B07. Hey jude


Burt Bacharach (1971)

A01 - Mexican Divorce
A02 - (They Long To Be) Close To You
A03 - Nikki
A04 - Wives & Lovers
A05 - All Kinds Of People

B01 - And The People Were With Her
B02 - April Fools
B03 - Hasbrook Heights
B04 - Freeall
B05 - One Less Bell To Answer


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